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There are many people who have used a variety of substances or activities which, when done for some time, becomes a habit and interrupts other life activities. Some of these become so ingrained that the person feels hopeless in turning from the addiction and surrenders to it until either it compromises their life or family or friends confront the person. Many times this comes as a shock and the person can stop. Unfortunately, more often they resume the behavior despite their effort to end it. Understanding why the person is attracted to the behavior is very important in order for them to stop the attraction. Of equally important is understanding what they are avoiding or not doing in their lives that the addiction is replacing, such as a love one or a vocation... In addition, the addicted person will need to find other more suitable activities. Finally, they will often need the following to stop the addiction: their own will power, friends’ help, and often addiction counseling.

Obviously, the longer the addictive behavior has gone on, the harder it will be to extinguish it. Seldom does it just end by a person saying they have had enough. More often it comes to a halt when the addicted person begins to lose what they treasure: their vocation, their relationships, their health and even their life.

Often the person with an addiction will make progress but then will “slip” back into the behavior. Hopefully the person gains a little more insight and more determination the next time to work harder, use new resources, and hold onto supports to weather the worst of the obsession.

Should you have a problem with too much use or and abuse of a substance or an activity, talk it over with a family member or a friend, see about getting help, and reach out to an addiction counselor or a self-help group like one of the Anonymous groups. Lakeview Counseling in Myrtle Beach, SC can help with addiction and associated behaviors. Doing it alone is nearly impossible, but help from others make it more likely you can restore the balance in your life and make your life happier and more meaningful.

If you are the family member, do not give up hope, but reach out to a support group like Al Non or a counselor so you can give the “tough love” the additive person needs to get better. 
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