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Anger Management


Most of us have been taught since childhood that we should not get angry. Yet we do. Why? Because it serves a very good purpose.

Anger is there to help us protect ourselves from being harmed. We can use anger in a constructive or destructive manner to defend ourselves. Most successful people use it well; the rest, unfortunately, do not use it productively. Instead, it ends up being destructive to themselves or to others they do not want to hurt.

Learning to manage anger is relatively easy. Applying the skills is harder to do. Often one needs help to become skillful because we often are not aware of when or how we get mad. Many times it is not the current situation that really has us angry, but one that we have buried and not resolved. So, instead of dealing with the person we should be addressing, we attack the person who happens to be close to us at the time. If that happens to you, you probably feel very guilty, because you know how bad it made you feel.

Anger management can be learned. It requires the person to say they want to change, a willingness to learn about what happens to us when we are angry, developing skills to remove oneself when angry, and then being able to address the problem with the person who has upset us. Often the person who gets so angry does so because they do not have the skill to speak up effectively. Communications skills need to be practiced.

If you need an anger management program you can see what we offer on the following page.

So, if you or your loved one has an anger problem, why not consider getting help so that you can live a happier, more comfortable life? 
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