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Career Counseling

While this is not a primary focus of this practice, I often find clients needing help with their vocational issues, whether in trying to decide what kind of work to pursue or the problems encountered on the work place. Having had training as a rehabilitation counselor, I can provide some aid in their vocational concerns at my Myrtle Beach counseling office. 

Determining vocational interests and positions: Often, one of the hardest parts of getting a good job is determining what kind of work a person finds enjoyable and fulfilling. Sometimes it is looking at previous jobs, or looking at what classes taken gave the person most satisfaction, or thinking back when they were young and dreaming of being an adult and saying “when I grow up I want to be…. ”. Some people can be very specific and happy doing one kind of work. Other people find they like to be challenged by many different things in their life.
To help you briefly review careers see the chart below to look at how jobs are clustered. 

Once a person thinks they might know what they would like to do, a strong recommendation is to find someone who is doing the work and to follow that person for a day to make sure they have a full knowledge of all parts of the job. Also they then can inquire as to the best way to get into the job. Perhaps it may be by taking a course(s) or by working oneself up the work ladder at the job. The next step often is to go to the college to inquire what requirements are needed or to the Human Resources department to find out what are the entry positions and steps up the ladder. The next step may require sitting down and determining how a college or an employer would best want to have them become a part of their school or their employment. What are their qualities that make them a good person for the school/employer to invest their time in training and hiring them over someone else? Once they are prepared, they are ready to present themselves for a course, a college, an employment position.

Moving up in a company: While most people think that working hard and doing a good job is sufficient to getting a promotion, this is often not true. For every positon that a person aspires to, there are usually 10 or more people qualified and eager to take it. So what makes one more likely to move in to the position? Sometimes it is who you know, more than what you know. But often it is how ready you are to take that position. How do you show the boss or management you are ready? First make sure you have done your job very well. Then next prepare a person to help fill in for you so there is someone that can replace you. Also that person will be able to cover for you so that you can ask your boss for additional duties in the position you want to move into. By taking on that extra responsibility, you are already doing part of the job. So when when they begin to hire for that job you are already prepared. Additionally, make sure you have a good relationship to the people who you would be working with in the new position. Finally, develop a list of clear and convincing reasons why you can do the job well so, when the time comes for them to interview, you are well prepared.

Dealing with other employees: While It would be nice to say “all my fellow employees are hardworking and friendly”, that is not usually the case. Unless you are the supervisor of them, then it is not your responsibility to change them, which will be the fastest way to have problems with them and then with your boss. Rather, you will need to be able to give those you do not see doing well some space so you are not drawn into their poor work field, but remain “friendly” to them so they do not see you are putting them down. 

Dealing with difficult employers: This is a difficult position to be in when you do not respect or like the boss. But we all end up having them. The secret is to remain respectful and then attempt to get them to see you as valuable to them and to the work that they need to get done --so they will look good. Calling a conference with the boss shows that you respect his/her input, but it also gives you the advantage of having it on your terms and times. At that time you can ask for input on what you have done (when you know they will see you have done well). It also gives you the opportunity to determine what their priorities are so you will not upset them when you cannot complete all they give you.

There are other subjects that can be addressed with a counselor. There are numerous career and interest tests one can take to help identify potential vocations. Contact Lake View Counseling in Myrtle Beach, SC to explore the many resources and issues dealing with vocational issues.

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