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Dealing with Change

Most of us really do not enjoy change. However, it is part of life. To be successful we need to address new challenges and learn new skills in order to develop different ways to handle life’s problems. Humans, like the rest of the animal population and even the plant or basic elements, resist change. Think of a house plant moved from one window to a different window exposure. It is stressed and may lose leaves and take time to adjust before growing again. We, too, find change hard. But it does not have to be impossible. And if we have a good attitude about change, we can find it exciting, interesting, and worthwhile.

Recognizing our resistance is important. Leaving the past behind is always difficult. It may not have been comfortable, but we knew how to live in it. Change requires us to experience discomfort at trying something new, which may or may not work out. So we have to see what the benefits will be from the new and see how we will be better off after we have made the change.

Often we see the change is too steep or difficult to accomplish. But when we break the change up in small enough steps, and make them clear and realistic, change then feels very possible.

There is another important part of being prepared for change. That is looking back at what you have done in the past, and seeing how you have successfully weathered change, despite perhaps not wanting it. Perhaps it was moving from one school to another, or moving from one house to another, or developing new friends, or perhaps it might be trying a new hobby or food. Some may not have worked out as well for you as you might have liked, but you managed the change. Others you were quite successful with. Unfortunately many of us discount or do not even pay attention to our successes and only to our difficulties. This results in a sense of failure or panic, versus confidence. You could instead be saying to yourself, “I do have the ability to make changes in the future based on how I have successfully handled it in the past.”

So afraid of change? Ask a friend, talk with a trusted family member, or seek out a counselor in the Myrtle Beach area to help you review your successful past, look at what you want to achieve and see the benefits, and then figure out the steps to achieve your goal. 
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