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Being sad, unhappy or distressed by things that have happened in our lives is part of being a “normal” person. We all experience set-backs, problems or disappointments. Most of us recover from the problem and move forward.

Yet, at times, we find ourselves overwhelmed, unable to see a better way to get out of the problem and feel we are a failure. It is at that time we may turn to a friend or a loved one asking them for help and advice. If that person can offer the help and we can use it, we return to a sense of hope and optimism that we have control over our lives.

Unfortunately at some point in our lives, many of us come to a place where we do not have answers, nor do our well-meaning friends/family, and we feel hopeless. It is at that time we need to turn to a professional who is trained to help. Where can we go for that help? To a therapist (counselor, social worker, psychologist, nurse or psychiatrist).

A therapist is trained to hear your story, to clarify the problems, to help you build skills to solve problems, and then helps you come up with new ways to make changes in your life. We are here to help you regain your strength and have the hope to make changes.

Often with a few months of therapy you are back to functioning better. It is possible to do this without medication. Instead we work to help you understand the problem(s) and then help you develop new skills to resolve them.

So, if your life has not been going the way you want and you feel “down”, “blue”, “sad”, or “hopeless”, why not give yourself the chance to feel happier and be more the person you want to be?
Consider getting help for your depression from a therapist. 
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