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Interracial Couple

Family Counseling


When families get together they have differing interests and time frames, even when they care about each other. Often this is irritating as well as confusing. Our goal is to sit down and identify what each person wants, and then make plans for each of them to get (within reason) what they want in a timely manner. That is what loving someone is all about- helping them to be what they want to be, while still taking care of our own needs and wants. However, life is not simple and we do have conflicts in whatever grouping we may be in. But in a family where we expect the total support and affection, we can be easily let down and feel hurt and angry. People may demand their way or retreat from the other family members or pick sides.

If you find your family having ongoing issues, crises, and resentments, perhaps it might be helpful to seek a counselor for the family. The counselor is there to help each express what they want, for all the others to hear that person and each of the others in the family. Once we have it clear about what each person wants, then we can begin to find resolution. Notice the word ‘resolution’. Instead of ‘compromise’, where each feels like they have given up something, we look to help people see how by doing things a little differently we are able to get what we wanted.

While there are no guarantees, most people, especially in families, want others to be happy so that the others will help us be happy. Hopefully your family can do it on your own, but if not, give us a call to help you. 
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