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We all will experience loss in our lifetime. Losses include loved ones, health or a body part, or even a job or home. Sometimes we mourn missed opportunities. At other times it is difficult to leave family or home for a new job or more security.

We often bounce back from this and feel sad but accepting of the loss. At other times we feel unable to refocus on our lives and feel so hurt or resentful that we remain caught in the loss. Grief ‘done well’ is a period of mourning for what we have lost, a period of reflection on what we gained from the past, and the letting go in order for us to move forward. Unfortunately, some people feel confused by the letting go. They feel they are being disloyal to the one who has died. They want to mourn their loss, or perhaps “get even” with someone they feel might have contributed to the loss, such as a doctor who misdiagnosed a family member or a policeman who did not arrest a person who hurt us.

Grieving does take time but usually we can go through OK. If you are one who feels drawn back to the grief, perhaps you may want to discuss this with a therapist or a minister. We will help you understand the stages of grief, and help you decide to move to the stage of acceptance and recovery. 
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