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Personality Disorders

Personality Disorders are a group of 10 different disorders that seem to begin in childhood, although not labeled as such until adulthood. These disorders are very hard to treat and stop unless the person is actively and consistently working on changing themselves and has a large amount of support. While no one has a definitive reason for the existence of personality disorders, the reasons are usually seen as either a biological / neurological response a person is born or a rigidly learned response to a very early or a very unhealthy childhood that they use repeatedly throughout adulthood. Unfortunately, while this works in childhood, a person with a personality disorder continues to try to use the same behaviors in adulthood without success. Instead of trying new things they keep doing what does not work throughout their lives. They are often unhappy people who have difficulty in establishing or maintaining relationships. Often they have difficulty in their employment. Unfortunately they find counseling difficult to stay in and medication only helps with some of the symptoms but does not change the personality. This does not mean all is hopeless. Like some physical problems which we do not have a manner to “fix”, with these disorders we can help them perform better and feel more successful while not completely changing their personality. The ten different personality disorders are:

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