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Many of us have some simple phobias that we decide to live with. Perhaps it is heights (like an elevator or plane), or an animal (like a snake or a bug). Sometimes it is fear of speaking in front of others, or being in a crowd.

Fears are very treatable, but people choose not to get help. This avoidance is because people compartmentalize, so they do not have to deal with their fear much of the time, by just avoiding the situation. Thus, people live with the uncomfortableness for many years instead of getting rid of the phobia. But on occasion a person has to face their fears. Then they feel overwhelmed.

Usually the technique for treating this phobia is fairly simple. Therapists will attempt to help the client understand how they came to have the fear in the first place. Then we will help them learn to be relaxed so they can face the fear within the office. Later they will be able to address their fear in the community.

If you are one of those who have said “I want to conquer this phobia so I can have a more open, freer life,” then reach out to a counselor for some help.  
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