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All of us at one time or are traumatized. We do not want it for ourselves and even less for our loved ones, but unfortunately life has its ups and downs, and you do not get to have one without the other. Trauma can come from when we are in, or when we watch, a terrible and life threatening experience. It disrupts our very sense of order and meaning and the values we hold most dear. We will often become fixated on the experience and be unable to let it go. Or we will attempt to avoid thinking about it because we have no solutions for why it happened or how we might change it. However this ultimately does not work because the mind and the unconscious mind want resolution in order to prevent a repeat. Then the trauma is relived, often when we are least prepared to handle it, through a small cue (such as a noise, a smell, a footstep) that reminds us of the past event. We call that experience Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). At one time we attributed to men returning from wars, but we have seen it in women who are abused, children who watch parents fight, and even TV viewers of destruction such as 9-11. The natural reaction is to recoil, to avoid, to deny, and to want to forget. However, this only worsens the problem when it is finally revealed.

Treatment is possible when the person is ready to say, “I will do what it takes to get rid of the past.” Medicine or alcohol or street drugs only postpone the treatment. Instead it requires counseling to address the event, to face the emotions, and to replace the emotions. This takes skill and patience of a therapist because the person does not want to do this — it is the opposite of what they have been doing for weeks, months or years -– trying to avoid those feelings.

If you or your loved one is ready to put it behind, reach out to a trained counselor and let the therapist help you regain your full life back. 
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